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Reusable Coffee Cups & Capsules, Loose Tea & Tea Infusers

Are you drinking plastic in your tea and coffee? Let me give you the statistics:

  • Most of the single-use tea bags contain plastic – steeping a single plastic tea bag releases BILLIONS of micro plastics in your drink (source)
  • Australians now consume around 6 million plastic coffee capsules EVERY SINGLE DAY, most of which ends up in landfill
  • We also throw out 1 billion disposable coffee cups every year

To help you live sustainably while still enjoy your cuppa ☕, we stock range of:

  • Refillable coffee capsules which you can keep reusing to enjoy your favorite coffee – save environment & save your ?
  • Stylish reusable coffee cups
  • Organic loose tea in compostable packaging
  • Tea infusers so you can enjoy your tea the natural way