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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Natural | Plant Based | No Plastic | Palm Oil Free

Clean your home naturally with non-toxic, plastic-free and eco friendly cleaning products!
Most of the supermarket cleaning products are laden with chemicals which are harmful for your health and the environment too. Not to mention that they also have strong chemical smell.
To make sure you get the best cleaning without being exposed to these harmful chemicals, we diligently check the label of every product. We only stock 100% natural cleaning products that are made sustainably using essential oils and ingredients derived from plants such as eucalyptus, lemon myrtle and peppermint, etc. Not only do they provide powerful cleaning, they also smell absolutely fresh and heavenly. Bonus points for being plastic free.
Our incredible range of cleaning products will help you can clean your home, kitchen, laundry, or dishes the green way. Zero waste and zero nasty chemicals ?

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