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Your Health First

We have done the hard work for you by diligently checking ingredients of each product we stock to make sure they are 100% natural and toxin free. To support clean living, every single product whether its for your laundry, cleaning, cooking or skincare, they are all safe & gentle yet effective. Transparency about what’s in our products and its eco impact is important hence we describe them to the bare bones, so that you can make an informed choice.

Planet Above All

Our products are carefully curated with the planet, people and animals in mind. This is why you will only find products that are 100% Zero Waste and 100% Cruelty Free. We ensure that they are completely plastic-free or made up of 100% recycled plastic. The aim is to help you reduce your waste at the same time also give already used plastic a second life.

planet above all
plastic free

Firm Commitment

Zero waste is at the heart of everything we do. In fact we take it so seriously that if we are unsure we double check with our suppliers to understand exactly what’s in their products and if it is plastic free. We even reuse all the shipping materials from our suppliers. That includes their boxes, bio degradable packing peanuts, or paper. The cardboard boxes we ship are recyclable and the satchels are home compostable.

Support Small

We love to support small businesses like ours – we source our products from many small businesses in Australia that align with our zero waste values. We also absolutely adore them for being the earth champions that they are.

small business