Founder, Eco Green Living

Our story

Eco Green Living is a family owned and operated business right here in Australia. Birthed from a passion for Earth and everything that nature offers, Eco Green Living sets out to make zero waste living accessible to all who wish to minimize their carbon footprint.

While traveling around the world, one thing stands in common no matter where one chooses to go – plastic pollution and all of the negative impacts it bestows on humans, animals, and natural habitats on every corner of the globe.

How it all started!

We began to limit our own waste impact by making simple changes around the home, but found frustration at every turn. From “limited” plastic free products, to green-washing, to massive amount of plastic packaging, eco-friendly living seemed to be easier said than done. There was great challenge involved in researching and learning which products were actually sustainable, and which were simply riding the coattails of an eco-friendly trend. After the birth of our first child, it became even more evident to us just how challenging it really is to minimize waste as a family unit. Nappies, wipes, toys, and even clothing are all too often made to be disposable rather than sustainable.

During this journey of reducing waste as a family, a big need was made evident, and thus Eco Green Living was born. Eco Green Living sets out to be a sanctum that covers cleaning, home, cosmetic needs, baby and lifestyle products for those looking to limit their negative impact on our planet.


The goals and vision of Eco Green Living all work together toward the same end – sustaining the beauty and health of the world around us.

We strive to make zero waste products more accessible to those in Australia looking to minimise their environmental impact throughout everyday life, and we wish to be the one-stop-shop for Australian families to find everything they need for eco-friendly peace of mind.

Our vision with Eco Green Living is to make a positive step towards a world where zero-waste is the number one consumer choice. Ideally, by providing accessible eco-friendly lifestyle consumer products, we can see a world where sustainability is prioritised by Australian families and around the world.

Much Love,
Shruti & Sid
Founder, Eco Green Living Pty Ltd.